Safe Connect US, inc was founded in NYC on April 27, 2015.

Our first project was S.C.N.Y; a free mobile app designed to enhance safety in the workplace

and create a more efficient way to navigate through the complex network of rules, regulations,

and standards in the construction industry.

With a background in construction safety management, consulting and education, our founders

established a state of the art learning facility in Queens, NY on July, 2017. 

Our mission is to connect everyone to safety, so that each work day is incident/injury free and 100% productive.

We are shaping the minds of modern age builders. Records show that there were 5,609

fatalities due to accidents and diseases during the U.S. construction period of the Panama

Canal. Over 115 years later and we still have not  achieved 0.

Osha 10/30

By using innovative techniques our goal is to build a bridge to a better future for safety, for all.