Course Length: 2.0 hrs

(not including class break times) 

Cost: $100

CEUS: n/a

Course Description: This Fall Protection Awareness  course is designed for new/experienced employees in Fall Protection. This course informs, recognizes, and mitigates fall hazards. We tailored this training with hands on equipment, to reenact fall hazards that are present in the specific work environment. 

Topics include:

  • Introduction to Fall Protection Awareness 

  • Fall Hazard identification (ABC’s).

  • OSHA rules of when Fall Protection is required.

  • Selection, inspection, and donning of body harnesses, lanyards, and SRLs.

  • Hands on instruction on use of fall protection equipment. I.E harness's, lanyards & SLRs 

  • Fall related statistics and forces that affect the worker.

Materials Included:

  • Fall Protection Awareness packet 

  • #2 Pencil

Prerequisites: N/A 

Policy: Students are required to complete 100% of the course and actively participate in all learning activities. Make-up time is not permitted for this training course.

Course Examination: N/A 

Awarding of Certifications, CEUs, or Transcripts: Upon successful course completion students will receive a certificate of Completion from Safe Connect Us. Students will receive a certificate of completion. Cards can be  picked up at the office by the student.

Payment Policy: Please see Criteria for course* 

Privacy Policy:

Full Disclosure: https://www.safeconnectus.info/privacy-policy/

**Participants must fill out AUTHORIZATION FOR STUDENT RELEASE INFO prior to course start date.**